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 A taste for the exotic : Orientalist interiors
Gaillard, Emmanuelle.
2011Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Art after conceptual art
KONST - Ib.58
2006Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Baroque : 1620-1800 : style in the age of magnificence
KONST - Ib.4
2009Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Blur of the otherworldly : contemporary art, technology, and the paranormal
Durant, Mark Alice
Ibvz Paranormala fenomen / KONST - Ibvz Paranormala fenomen
2006Book or leaflet 2 av 2
 Chunghi Choo and her students : contemporary art and new forms in metal
METALL - Ihez Choo, Chunghi
2022Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Dazzle gradually : reflections on the nature of nature
Margulis, Lynn, 1938-2011.
2007Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Delacroix and the rise of modern art
Noon, Patrick J.
KONST - Ibz Delacroix, Eugène
2015Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Designing in dark times : an Arendtian lexicon
DESIGN - Ih:d / Ih:d
2021Book or leaflet 2 av 2
 Designing in dark times [electronic resource] an Arendtian lexicon
2021Epub with DRM
 Exotic : a fetish for the foreign
Sund, Judy Författare/medförfattare
KONST - Ibvz Exotism
2019Book or leaflet 1 av 1