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 Tate Gallery : an illustrated companion
Wilson, Simon
KONST - Iib-ez London: Tate Gallery
1991Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Tate Modern : the handbook
Iib-ez London: Tate Modern
2000Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Tate women artists
Foster, Alicia
2003Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 The pre-Raphaelite dream : drawings and paintings from the Tate Collection
Upstone, Robert
KONST - Ib.4
2003Book or leaflet 1 av 1
 Capital : a project
Cummings, Neil
KONST-IbzCummings, Neill / MAGASIN-Ibz
2001Book or leaflet 2 av 2
 Visions of the occult : an untold story of art & magic
Jenkins, Victoria Författare/medförfattare
KONST - Ibvz Ockultism
2022Book or leaflet 0 av 1