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Power : its myths and mores in American art 1961-1991
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  • Power : its myths and mores in American art 1961-1991
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Indianapolis Museum of Art , Indianapolis : 1991
  • 1991
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • 159 s. : ill.
General Note
  • Utställning Indianapolis Museum of Art, 5 september- 3 november 1991 ...
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*008110824s1991           e b   |||  ||eng||
*020  $a0-936260-57-2
*020  $a0-936260-57-2
*035  $a(Ko)7604
*084  $aIb-qa.55
*084  $aIb-qa.58
*1001 $aDay, Holliday T.
*24510$aPower :$bits myths and mores in American art 1961-1991  /$cHolliday T. Day
*260  $aIndianapolis  :$bIndianapolis Museum of Art ,$c1991
*300  $a159 s.  :$bill.
*500  $aUtställning Indianapolis Museum of Art, 5 september- 3 november 1991 ...
*60014$aAcconci, Vito,$d1940-2017
*60014$aAdams, Dennis
*60014$aArtschwager, Richard
*60014$aBickerton, Ashley
*60014$aBurden, Chris
*60014$aBurson, Nancy
*60014$aClegg & Guttman
*60014$aDe Maria, Walter,$d1935-
*60014$aHalley, Peter,$d1953-
*60014$aHolzer, Jenny,$d1950-
*60014$aJudd, Donald,$d1928-1994
*60014$aKoons, Jeff,$d1955-
*60014$aKruger, Barbara$d1945-
*60014$aLaub, Stephen
*60014$aLawler, Louise
*60014$aLichtenstein, Roy
*60014$aLongo, Robert
*60014$aMorris, Robert,$d1931-
*60014$aNauman, Bruce,$d1941-
*60014$aPrince, Richard,$d1949-
*60014$aSerra, Richard,$d1939-
*60014$aSherman, Cindy,$d1954-
*60014$aSimpson, Lorna,$d1960-
*60014$aSteinbach, Haim
*60014$aStella, Frank,$d1936-
*60014$aTasset, Tony
*60014$aWarhol, Andy,$d1928-1987
*60014$aWodiczko, Krzystof
*653  $aKonst
*653  $aFörenta staterna
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*697  $cKonsthistoria: Förenta staterna: 1945-
*697  $cKonsthistoria: Förenta staterna: 1980-
*7101 $aIndianapolis Museum of Art
*7101 $alis Museum of Art
*8520 $cKONST - Ib-q
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"A recommended addition to art collections providing informative commentary on contemporary artists." --Booklist

"This provocative catalogue for an exhibition organized by the Indianapolis Museum of Art explores the nature of power and its manifestation in art over the past three decades.... The illustrations are fleshed out with fine essays... "nbsp;--Publishers Weekly

"Now comes a provocative, tightly organized exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art titled 'Power: Its Myths and Mores in American Art, 1961-1991.' The title itself exudes considerable authority, especially when you see it spelled out in metallic red on the institutional gray of the catalogue's cover.... this exhibition represents an unusually successful marriage of art and theory, of visual pleasure and intellectual skepticism. In the process, it creates a vivid portrait of late-century American society and of the different ways artists have mined it for both source material and targets." --The New York Times

"Well done, indeed." --The Print Collector's Newsletter

Ninety works by twenty-eight artists reflect and criticize the images of power found in the mass media as well as in objects, rituals, and regalia of everyday life in the United States. From Andy Warhol and Frank Stella to Robert Longo and Jenny Holzer, the artists in this exhibit address issues of power through the use of materials and methods of mass communication.

44 color plates, 76 b&w illustrations

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