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Art history for comics : past, present and potential futures
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  • Art history for comics : past, present and potential futures
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  • Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke : [2022] ©2022
  • 2022
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • xv,241 pages illustrations (black and white, and colour) 25 cm
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  • 9783031073526
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*1001 $aHorton, Ian$4aut
*24510$aArt history for comics :$bpast, present and potential futures /$cIan Horton, Maggie Gray.
*264 1$aBasingstoke :$bPalgrave Macmillan,$c[2022]
*264 4$c©2022
*300  $axv,241 pages$billustrations (black and white, and colour)$c25 cm
*336  $atext$btxt$2rdacontent
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*337  $aunmediated$bn$2rdamedia
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*4900 $aPalgrave studies in comics and graphic novels
*650 0$aComic books, strips, etc.$xHistory and criticism$xTheory, etc.
*650 0$aArt$xHistory.
*650 4$aKonsthistoria
*650 4$aTecknade serier
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*7001 $aGray, Maggie$4aut
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This book looks at comics through the lens of Art History, examining the past influence of art-historical methodologies on comics scholarship to scope how they can be applied to Comics Studies in the present and future. It unearths how early comics scholars deployed art-historical approaches, including stylistic analysis, iconography, Cultural History and the social history of art, and proposes how such methodologies, updated in light of disciplinary developments within Art History, could be usefully adopted in the study of comics today. Through a series of indicative case studies of British and American comics like Eagle , The Mighty Thor , 2000AD , Escape and Heartbreak Hotel , it argues that art-historical methods better address overlooked aspects of visual and material form. Bringing Art History back into the interdisciplinary nexus of comics scholarship raises some fundamental questions about the categories, frameworks and values underlying contemporary Comics Studies.

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Ex1On loan03.05.2024Konstfacks bibliotek TECKNADE SERIER - G.05