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Social reproduction theory : remapping class, recentering oppression
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  • Social reproduction theory : remapping class, recentering oppression
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  • Pluto Press, London : [2017] ©2017
  • 2017
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • xii, 250 sidor
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  • 9780745399881
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*24510$aSocial reproduction theory :$bremapping class, recentering oppression /$cedited by Tithi Bhattacharya ; foreword by Lise Vogel .
*264 1$aLondon :$bPluto Press,$c[2017]
*264 4$c©2017
*300  $axii, 250 sidor
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*650 0$aCapitalism
*650 0$aSocial classes
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"A marvelous new collection."--Los Angeles Review of Books

"Every socialist needs to read it now."--Socialist Action

Social Reproduction Theory is probably the first book to draw on the recent resurgent interest in developing a coherent Marxist-Feminist understanding of everyday life under capitalism. The ten essays here address a range of questions, with each contributor tackling the thorny problem of explaining just what social reproduction theory is. Though they do not always agree, each wrestles with the new and old questions that continue to be raised by feminists and theorists.

Readers new to the issues will learn much from the variety of points of view offered here. Those who have lived through previous women's liberation debates will find novel answer to old questions and examples that illustrate new points and previous points of view.

Crystallizing the essential principles of social reproductive theory, this anthology provides long-overdue analysis of everyday life under capitalism. It focuses on issues such as childcare, healthcare, education, family life, and the roles of gender, race, and sexuality--all of which are central to understanding the relationship between exploitation and social oppression. Chapters include:

*Introduction: Mapping Social Reproduction Theory by Tithi Bhattacharya

*Crisis of Care? On the Social-Reproductive Contradictions of Contemporary Capitalism by Nancy Fraser

*Without Reserves by Salar Mohandesi and Emma Teitelman

*How Not to Skip Class: Social Reproduction of Labor and the Global Working Class by Tithi Bhattacharya

* Children, Childhood and Capitalism: A Social Reproduction Perspective by Susan Ferguson

*Mostly Work, Little Play: Social Reproduction, Migration, and Paid Domestic Work Montreal by Carmen Teeple Hopkins

*Pensions and Social Reproduction by Serap Saritas Oran

*Body Politics: The Social Reproduction by Alan Sears

rom Social Reproduction Feminism to the Women's Strike by Cinzia Arruzza

Tithi Bhattacharya brings together some of the leading writers and theorists, including Lise Vogel, Nancy Fraser, and Susan Ferguson, in order for us to better understand social relations and how to improve them in the fight against structural oppression.

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