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Broken nature : XXII Triennale di Milano
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  • DESIGN - Ihb
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Title Statement
  • Broken nature : XXII Triennale di Milano
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • 2019 Milan : La Triennale di Milano, 2019 Milan : Electa
  • 2019
  • Språk: Engelska.
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Edition Statement
  • First edition.
Physical Description
  • 363 Seiten Illustrationen
General Note
  • Genaue Ausstellungsdaten ermittelt.
Subject - Meeting Name
  • Triennale di Milano 2019 Mailand 22.
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  • Inhaltsverzeichnis http://swbplus.bsz-bw.de/bsz1664901825inh.htm
  • 9788891824301
  • 8891824305
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*008191220s2019    xx a|||||c||||000 0|eng|d
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*020  $a8891824305
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*1112 $aTriennale di Milano$n22.$d2019$cMailand$jVerfasser.$4aut
*24510$aBroken nature :$bXXII Triennale di Milano /$cPaola Antonelli and Ala Tannir.
*250  $aFirst edition.
*264 1$c2019
*264 1$aMilan :$bLa Triennale di Milano,$c2019
*264 1$aMilan :$bElecta
*300  $a363 Seiten$bIllustrationen
*336  $aText$btxt$2rdacontent/ger
*336  $aunbewegtes Bild$bsti$2rdacontent/ger
*337  $aohne Hilfsmittel zu benutzen$bn$2rdamedia/ger
*338  $aBand$bnc$2rdacarrier/ger
*500  $aGenaue Ausstellungsdaten ermittelt.
*61127$aTriennale di Milano$d2019$cMailand$n22.$2gnd
*650 7$aHållbar design$0https://id.kb.se/term/sao/H%C3%A5llbar%20design$2sao
*650 7$aNatur$2gnd
*650 7$aNachhaltigkeit$2gnd
*650 7$aUmweltschaden$2gnd
*650 7$aKunst$2gnd
*650 0$aSustainable design
*655 7$aAufsatzsammlung.$2gnd
*655 7$aAusstellungskatalog$y2019$zMailand.$2gnd
*7001 $aAntonelli, Paola,$d1963-$eHerausgeber.$4edt
*7001 $aTannir, Ala$eHerausgeber.$4edt
*852  $5Ko$bKo$cDESIGN -$hIhb
*887  $a{"@id":"7k854qg65wtv25nk","modified":"2019-12-20T15:09:37.099+01:00","checksum":"142075125294"}$2librisxl
*887  $5Ko$a{"@id":"lxmjh48vjfhrnqgt","modified":"2019-12-20T15:09:56.121+01:00","checksum":"122713368907"}$2librisxl
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The XXII Triennale di Milano exhibition Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival highlights a range of international architecture and design projects that underline the concept of restorative design.

By bringing together the voices of a number of curators, scientists, scholars, designers, and artists, the XXII Triennale di Milano seeks to engage its visitors with questions of climate change, migration, artificial intelligence, politics, gender, labor, economics, social justice, and natural histories. This exhibition catalog highlights objects and concepts at all scales that reconsider humans' relationship with their environment, including research into both natural and social ecosystems. The aim is to trace design's ability to move us into a more constructive sense of indebtedness toward nature.

This volume will appeal to the design community as well as a broader readership and scholars who study the sociological, economic, political, and personal ramifications of design as it relates to the environment.

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