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Prison notebooks Vol. 3
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  • Prison notebooks Vol. 3
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  • Quaderni del carcere. Engelska
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  • New York : Columbia University Press, 2007
  • 2007
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • xii, 675 s.
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  • 0231139446
  • 9780231139441
  • 9780231139458
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*020  $a9780231139441
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*084  $aDbz Gramsci, Antonio$2kssb/8
*084  $aLz Gramsci, Antonio$2kssb/8
*1001 $aGramsci, Antonio,$d1891-1937
*24010$aQuaderni del carcere.$lEngelska
*24510$aPrison notebooks$nVol. 3 /$cAntonio Gramsci ; edited and translated by Joseph A. Buttigieg.
*264 1$aNew York :$bColumbia University Press,$c2007
*300  $axii, 675 s.
*4901 $aEuropean perspectives,$x99-1388429-2
*60014$aGramsci, Antonio,$d1891-1937$0https://libris.kb.se/ljx003m44pn6cjz#it
*7001 $aButtigieg, Joseph A.$4edt$4trl
*830 0$aEuropean perspectives,$x99-1388429-2
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Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) is widely celebrated as the most original political thinker in Western Marxism and an all-around outstanding intellectual figure. Arrested and imprisoned by the Italian Fascist regime in 1926, Gramsci died before fully regaining his freedom. Nevertheless, in his prison notebooks, he recorded thousands of brilliant reflections on an extraordinary range of subjects, establishing an enduring intellectual legacy.

Columbia University Press's multivolume Prison Notebooks is the only complete critical edition of Antonio Gramsci's seminal writings in English. The notebooks' integral text gives readers direct access not only to Gramsci's influential ideas but also to the intellectual workshop where those ideas were forged. Extensive notes guide readers through Gramsci's extraordinary series of reflections on an encyclopedic range of topics. Volume 3 contains notebooks 6, 7, and 8, in which Gramsci develops his concepts of hegemony, civil society, and the state; reflects extensively on the Renaissance, the Reformation, and Machiavelli's political philosophy; and offers a trenchant critique of the cultural and political practices of fascism. A detailed analysis of positivism and idealism brings Gramsci's philosophy of praxis and conception of historical materialism into sharp relief. Also included are the author's extensive observations on articles and books read during his imprisonment.

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