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Why art?
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Title Statement
  • Why art?
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, 2018. ©2018
  • 2018
  • Språk: Engelska.
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Edition Statement
  • Fourth edition.
Physical Description
  • 200 unnumbered pages : chiefly illustrations ; 17 cm
Summary, etc
  • A treatise on what makes art art, told in graphic novel form.
Subject - Topical Term
  • 978-1-68396-082-9
  • 1-68396-082-3
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*008180215s2018    xxua     6    000 0 eng d
*010  $a  2017950384
*020  $a978-1-68396-082-9$q(paperback)
*020  $a1-68396-082-3
*035  $a(OCoLC)on1023608901
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*040  $aCGP$beng$erda$cCGP$dYDX$dIGA$dOCLCF$dOCLCO$dUOK$dKo
*050 4$aN7477$b.D38 2018
*084  $aHe.05$2kssb/8
*1001 $aDavis, Eleanor,$d1983-$eauthor,$eillustrator.
*24510$aWhy art? /$cEleanor Davis.
*250  $aFourth edition.
*264 1$aSeattle, WA :$bFantagraphics Books,$c2018.
*264 4$c©2018
*300  $a200 unnumbered pages :$bchiefly illustrations ;$c17 cm
*336  $astill image$2rdacontent
*336  $atext$2rdacontent
*337  $aunmediated$2rdamedia
*338  $avolume$2rdacarrier
*520  $aA treatise on what makes art art, told in graphic novel form.
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*852  $5Ko$bKo$cTECKNADE SERIER -$hHci
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What is "Art"? It's widely accepted that art serves an important function in society. But the concept falls under such an absurdly large umbrella and can manifest in so many different ways. Art can be self indulgent, goofy, serious, altruistic, evil, or expressive, or any number of other things. But how can it truly make lasting, positive change? In Why Art?, acclaimed graphic novelist Eleanor Davis (How To Be Happy) unpacks some of these concepts in ways both critical and positive, in an attempt to illuminate the highest possible potential an artwork might hope to achieve. A work of art unto itself, Davis leavens her exploration with a sense of humor and a thirst for challenging preconceptions of art worth of Magritte, instantly drawing the reader in as a willing accomplice in her quest.

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