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The best American comics 2015
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  • The best American comics 2015
  • 2015
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • xviii, 379 pages : chiefly illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
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  • Mom and dad. Can't we talk about something more pleasant? (exerpt) / Roz Chast ; Kill my mother (exerpt) / Jules Feiffer -- Superheroes détourned. Theth (exerpt) / Josh Bayer ; Sadistic comics / R. Sikoryak ; Mathilde's story / Diane Obomsawin ; Blane throttle (exerpt) / Ben Duncan -- Storytellers. The wrenchies (exerpt) / Farel Dalrymple ; Prometheus / Anders Nilsen ; Palm ash / Julia Gfrörer ; The good witch, 1947 / Megan Kelso -- Voices. No tears, no sorrow / Eleanor Davis ; Pretty smart / Andy Burkholder ; The Colombia diaries, Sept 14-16 (exerpt) / Gabrielle Bell -- You might even hang them on your wall. No title (I was fumbling), no title (the credits rolled), and no title (as we can) / Raymond Pettibon ; Lâcher de chiens / Henriette Valium ; Pythagoras / Ron Regé, Jr. ; 76 manifestations of American Destiny (exerpt) / David Sandlin ; Cretin keep on creep'n creek / Mat Brinkman ; briefly, before dawn / Rosaire Appel -- Biopics and historical fictions. selections from Hip hop family tree / Ed Piskor ; Woman rebel : the Margaret Sanger story (exerpt) / Peter Bagge ; The Great War (exerpt) / Joe Sacco -- Working the cute nerve. Fran (exerpt) / Jim Woodring ; Little Tommy lost : book one (exerpt) / Cole Closser ; Mimi and the wolves (exerpt) / Alabaster ; Pockets of temporal disruptions (exerpt) from Safari honeymoon / Jesse Jacobs ; Misliving amended / Adam Buttrick -- Raging her-moans. My year of unreasonable grief (part four) (exerpt) from Lena Finkle's magic barrel / Anya Ulinich ; Someone please have sex with me / Gina Wynbrandt ; After school (exerpt) from Unloveable, vol.3 / Esther Pearl Watson -- The way we live now. Informanics (exerpt) / Matthew Thurber ; Cross delivery, Screw style, How did you get in the hole?, The pen, and We can't sleep from The hole / Noel Freibert ; Comets comets / Blaise Larmee ; Crime chime noir / A. Degen -- Brainworms. No class (exerpt) from School spirits / Anya Davidson ; Net gain, Swiping at branches, and The perfect match / Kevin Hooyman ; Behold the sexy man! from Well come / Erik Nebel.
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*008141211s2015    xxua     6    000 1 eng d
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*084  $aHe.05(s)$2kssb/8
*24504$aThe best American comics 2015 /$cedited and introduced by Jonathan Lethem ; Bill Kartalopoulos, series editor.
*300  $axviii, 379 pages :$bchiefly illustrations (some color) ;$c24 cm.
*50500$tMom and dad.$tCan't we talk about something more pleasant?$g(exerpt) /$rRoz Chast ;$tKill my mother$g(exerpt) /$rJules Feiffer --$tSuperheroes détourned.$tTheth$g(exerpt) /$rJosh Bayer ;$tSadistic comics /$rR. Sikoryak ;$tMathilde's story /$rDiane Obomsawin ;$tBlane throttle$g(exerpt) /$rBen Duncan --$tStorytellers.$tThe wrenchies$g(exerpt) /$rFarel Dalrymple ;$tPrometheus /$rAnders Nilsen ;$tPalm ash /$rJulia Gfrörer ;$tThe good witch, 1947 /$rMegan Kelso --$tVoices.$tNo tears, no sorrow /$rEleanor Davis ;$tPretty smart /$rAndy Burkholder ;$tThe Colombia diaries, Sept 14-16$g(exerpt) /$rGabrielle Bell --$tYou might even hang them on your wall.$tNo title (I was fumbling), no title (the credits rolled), and no title (as we can) /$rRaymond Pettibon ;$tLâcher de chiens /$rHenriette Valium ;$tPythagoras /$rRon Regé, Jr. ;$t76 manifestations of American Destiny$g(exerpt) /$rDavid Sandlin ;$tCretin keep on creep'n creek /$rMat Brinkman ;$tbriefly, before dawn /$rRosaire Appel --$tBiopics and historical fictions.$gselections from$tHip hop family tree /$rEd Piskor ;$tWoman rebel : the Margaret Sanger story$g(exerpt) /$rPeter Bagge ;$tThe Great War$g(exerpt) /$rJoe Sacco --$tWorking the cute nerve.$tFran$g(exerpt) /$rJim Woodring ;$tLittle Tommy lost : book one$g(exerpt) /$rCole Closser ;$tMimi and the wolves$g(exerpt) /$rAlabaster ;$tPockets of temporal disruptions$g(exerpt) from Safari honeymoon /$rJesse Jacobs ;$tMisliving amended /$rAdam Buttrick --$tRaging her-moans.$tMy year of unreasonable grief (part four)$g(exerpt) from Lena Finkle's magic barrel /$rAnya Ulinich ;$tSomeone please have sex with me /$rGina Wynbrandt ;$tAfter school$g(exerpt) from Unloveable, vol.3 /$rEsther Pearl Watson --$tThe way we live now.$tInformanics$g(exerpt) /$rMatthew Thurber ;$tCross delivery, Screw style, How did you get in the hole?, The pen, and We can't sleep$gfrom The hole /$rNoel Freibert ;$tComets comets /$rBlaise Larmee ;$tCrime chime noir /$rA. Degen --$tBrainworms.$tNo class$g(exerpt) from School spirits /$rAnya Davidson ;$tNet gain, Swiping at branches, and The perfect match /$rKevin Hooyman ;$tBehold the sexy man!$gfrom Well come /$rErik Nebel.
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*650 0$aGraphic novels$zUnited States.
*655 7$aComics (Graphic works)$2lcgft.
*655 7$aGraphic novels.$2lcgft.
*655 7$aGraphic novels.$2fast
*7001 $aLethem, Jonathan$4edt$4aui
*7001 $aKartalopoulos, Bill$4edt
*830 0$aBest American series.
*852  $5Ko$bKo$cTECKNADE SERIER -$hHci(s)$lBES
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"As I know well from my own field, true vitality consists of stuff that's further off the radar of general acclaim. The influx of raw arrivals. The deep cuts." --Jonathan Lethem, from the Introduction

Featuring Gabrielle Bell, Mat Brinkman, Roz Chast, Anya Davidson, Eleanor Davis, Jules Feiffer, Blaise Larmee, Raymond Pettibon, Ed Piskor, Joe Sacco, Esther Pearl Watson, and others.

JONATHAN LETHEM is the author of nine novels, including Motherless Brooklyn, The Fortress of Solitude, Gun, with Occasional Music, and most recently Dissident Gardens.

BILL KARTALOPOULOS is a Brooklyn-based comics critic, educator, curator, and editor. He teaches comics history at the School of Visual Arts. More information may be found at on-panel.com.

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