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Aama. 1, The smell of warm dust
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Title Statement
  • Aama. 1, The smell of warm dust
Varying Form of Title
  • Smell of warm dust
  • 2013
  • Språk: Engelska.
SAB Classification Code
Physical Description
  • 86 pages : chiefly illustrations (color) ; 27 cm
  • 978-1-906838-73-7
  • 0 (0)
*00001699nam a22004697a 4500
*008131218s2013    xxka|||| 6    ||| ||eng c
*020  $a978-1-906838-73-7
*035  $a(SE-LIBR)14862874
*035  $a(Ko)46455
*040  $aGbg
*0411 $aeng$hfre
*084  $aHe.05$2kssb/8
*1001 $aPeeters, Frederik
*24510$aAama.$n1,$pThe smell of warm dust /$cFrederick Peeters ; translated by Edward Gauvin
*24630$aSmell of warm dust
*300  $a86 pages :$bchiefly illustrations (color) ;$c27 cm
*655 7$aScience fiction$2saogf
*655 7$aTecknade serier$2saogf
*852  $5Ko$bKo$cTECKNADE SERIER -$hHci$lPEE
*950  $aLitteratur och skrivande$wg$uTecknade serier
*955  $wh$aBiografiska tecknade serier$uTecknade serier
*955  $wh$aHistoriska tecknade serier$uTecknade serier
*955  $wh$aSerienoveller$uTecknade serier
*955  $wh$aSerieromaner$uTecknade serier
*955  $aBildverk$uTecknade serier
*955  $aKarikatyrer och skämtteckningar$uTecknade serier
*955  $aSeriestrippar$uTecknade serier
*955  $aStrippserier$uTecknade serier
*955  $aSerier$uTecknade serier
*955  $aSkämtteckningar$wg$uTecknade serier
*955  $aÄventyrsserier$wh$uTecknade serier
*955  $aBarnserier$wh$uTecknade serier
*955  $aSerietidningar$wh$uTecknade serier
*955  $aUndergroundserier$wh$uTecknade serier
*955  $aFramtidsromaner$uScience fiction
*955  $wh$aCyberpunk$uScience fiction
*955  $wh$aSteampunk$uScience fiction
*955  $wh$aRymdopera$uScience fiction
*955  $aBildromaner$uTecknade serier
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In the distant future, Verloc Nim wakes up in the middle of nowhere suffering from complete amnesia. He remembers nothing of his former life. But when Verloc is handed his diary by a robot-monkey called Churchill, he is able to revisit his past. His life, he discovers, has been a miserable one. He lost his business, his family and his friends, simply because he refused the technological advancements pushed on him by society: the pharyngeal filter, the eye implants, the genetic modifications - Verloc went without all these. He had been astray in a society he deeply resented - until his brother, Conrad, took him to another planet to retrieve a mysterious biorobotic experiment called AMA...

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