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Biomimicry resource handbook : a seed bank of best practices
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  • Biomimicry resource handbook : a seed bank of best practices
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  • Biomimcry 3.8, Missoula, MT : 2013
  • 2013
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • 280 s. : ill.
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  • 978-1-5056-3464-8
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*00001962nam a22005057a 4500
*008150116s2013    mtua          000 0 eng c
*020  $a978-1-5056-3464-8
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*084  $aUed$2kssb/8 (machine generated)
*1001 $aBaumeister, Dayna
*24510$aBiomimicry resource handbook :$ba seed bank of best practices /$cDayna Baumeister with Rose Tocke, Jamie Dwyer, Sherry Ritter, and Janine Benyus
*260  $aMissoula, MT :$bBiomimcry 3.8,$c2013
*300  $a280 s. :$bill.
*650 7$aBioteknik$2sao$0https://id.kb.se/term/sao/Bioteknik
*650 0$aBiotechnology
*655 7$aHandböcker, manualer etc.$2saogf
*7001 $aTocke, Rose.
*7001 $aDwyer, Jamie.
*7001 $aRitter, Sherry.
*7001 $aBenyus, Janine M.
*841  $5Ko$ax  a$b150520||0000|||||001||||||000000$e1
*852  $5Ko$bKo$hUe$lBAU
*950  $aKemiteknik$wg$uBioteknik
*950  $aBioteknik i lantbruket$wh$uBioteknik
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The Biomimicry Resource Handbook: A Seed Bank of Best Practices contains over 250 pages of our most current biomimicry thinking, methodology, and tools for naturalizing biomimicry into the culture. We believe there is no better design partner than nature. But biomimicry is more than just looking at the shape of a flower or dragonfly and becoming newly inspired; it's a methodology that's being used by some of the biggest companies and innovative universities in the world. While reading this text you'll be immersed into the world of Biomimicry the "verb", you'll gain a competitive edge, and a fresh perspective on how the world around us can, does, and should work. After reading the text, you'll be well on your way to thinking in systems, designing in context, identifying patterns, and most importantly seeing the millions of organisms around us....differently.

The text is directly applicable to designers, biologists, engineers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, but has also proven valuable to students, educators, and a wide variety of other disciplines.

Visit biomimicry.net to learn more.
A digital version is available at

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