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Playing to the gallery : helping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood
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  • KONST - Ia
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  • Playing to the gallery : helping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood
  • 2014
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • 134 pages : illustrations (colour) ; 23 cm
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  • 1-84614-857-X (hardback)
  • 978-1-84614-857-6 (hardback)
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*00001802nam a22004937  4500
*008141119s2014    enka          000 0 eng d
*020  $a1-84614-857-X (hardback)
*020  $a978-1-84614-857-6 (hardback)
*035  $a(SE-LIBR)17828377
*035  $a(Ko)44838
*040  $aUKWOH$beng$erda$cUKWOH$dOCLCO$dLnuV
*05014$aN6490$b.P399 2015
*084  $aIb.6$2kssb/8 (machine generated)
*1001 $aPerry, Grayson,$d1960-$eauthor.
*24510$aPlaying to the gallery :$bhelping contemporary art in its struggle to be understood /$cGrayson Perry.
*300  $a134 pages :$billustrations (colour) ;$c23 cm
*599  $aImported from: zcat.oclc.org:210/OLUCWorldCat (Do not remove)
*650 0$aArt, Modern$y20th century$xPublic opinion.
*650 0$aArt, Modern$y21st century$xPublic opinion.
*650 0$aArt appreciation.
*650 7$aModern konst$2sao$0https://id.kb.se/term/sao/Modern%20konst
*650 7$aKonstuppfattning$2sao
*650 0$aArt appreciation
*650 0$aArt, Modern
*841  $5Ko$ax  a$b150429||0000|||||001||||||000000$e1
*852  $5Ko$bKo$hKONST - Ia$lPER
*950  $aKonstbegreppet$uKonstuppfattning
*950  $aDatorkonst$wh$uModern konst
*950  $aDigital konst$wh$uModern konst
*950  $wh$aEntartete Kunst$uModern konst
*950  $aKonceptkonst$wh$uModern konst
*950  $aLand art$wh$uModern konst
*950  $wh$aLjuskonst$uModern konst
*950  $aMinimalism$wh$uModern konst
*950  $wh$aMultimedia (konst)$uModern konst
*950  $aOp-konst$wh$uModern konst
*950  $aPopkonst$wh$uModern konst
*950  $aPsykedelisk konst$wh$uModern konst
*950  $wh$aSkrivmaskinskonst$uModern konst
*950  $aVideokonst$wh$uModern konst
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Now Grayson Perry is a fully paid-up member of the art establishment, he wants to show that any of us can appreciate art (after all, there is a reason he's called this book Playing to the Gallery and not 'Sucking up to an Academic Elite'). Based on his hugely popular Reith Lectures and full of words and pictures, this funny, personal journey through the art world answers the basic questions that might occur to us in an art gallery but seem too embarrassing to ask. Questions such as- What is 'good' or 'bad' art - and does it even matter? Is there any way to test if something is art, other than a large group of people standing around looking at it? Is art still capable of shocking us or have we seen it all before? Can you be a 'lovable character' and a serious artist - what is a serious artist anyway? And what happens if you place a piece of art in a rubbish dump?

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