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How to be happy
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Title Statement
  • How to be happy
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Fantagraphics, Seattle : 2014
  • 2014
  • Språk: Engelska.
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Physical Description
  • 145 s. ill.
  • 978-1-60699-740-6
  • 0 (0)
*00000554nam a22002057a 4500
*008140819s2014    xxua     6    000 1 eng c
*020  $a978-1-60699-740-6
*035  $a(SE-LIBR)16806056
*035  $a(Ko)44432
*040  $aKo
*084  $aHe.05$2kssb/8
*1001 $aDavis, Eleanor
*24510$aHow to be happy /$cEleanor Davis
*260  $aSeattle :$bFantagraphics,$c2014
*300  $a145 s.$bill.
*841  $5Ko$ax  a$b150108||0000|||||001||||||000000$e1
*852  $5Ko$bKo$hTECKNADE SERIER - Hci
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Eleanor Davis's How to be Happy is the artist's first collection of graphic/literary short stories. Davis is one of the finest cartoonists of her generation, and has been producing comics since the mid-2000s. Happy represents the best stories she's drawn for such curatorial venues as Mome and No-Brow, as well as her own self-publishing and web efforts. Davis achieves a rare, subtle poignancy in her narratives that are at once compelling and elusive, pregnant with mystery and a deeply satisfying emotional resonance. Happy shows the full range of Davis's graphic skills -- sketchy drawing, polished pen and ink line work, and meticulously designed full color painted panels-- which are always in the service of a narrative that builds to a quietly devastating climax.

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