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*020  $a978-4-87698-793-1 (Kyoto University Press : pbk.)
*020  $a4-87698-793-9 (Kyoto University Press : pbk.)
*020  $a978-9971-69-500-2 (NUS Press : pbk.)
*020  $a9971-69-500-6 (NUS Press : pbk.)
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*24500$aAsian aesthetics /$cedited by Ken-ichi Sasaki
*260  $aKyoto, Japan :$bKyoto University Press ;$aSingapore :$bNUS Press,$cc2010
*300  $axviii, 309 p. ;$c23 cm.
*504  $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
*5050 $aPart I Japanese Aesthetics. Introduction / Ken-ichi Sasaki ; Subject of the Absence and Absence of the Critique / Megumi Sakabe ; Japanese Philosophy in the Magnetic Field between Eastern and Western Languages / Ken-ichi Iwaki  ; Art Outside Life and Art as Life / Akira Amagasaki ; The Aesthetics of Tradition: Making the Past Present / Michael F. Marra ; Another Aesthetics of the Image and/or the Utopia of Aesthetics / Keiji Asanuma. -- Part II: Korean Aesthetics. Introduction: Meot -- In Search of Korean Aesthetic Identity / Ynhui Park ; On the Debate about the Colour White / Ihn-Bum Lee ; The Aesthetic Identity of Hangeul Calligraphy / Hunyee Jung ; The Aesthetics of the Plural Korean Essence / Frédéric Boulesteix. -- Part III: Chinese Aesthetics. Introduction: From the Classical to the Modern / Gao Jianping ; Several Inspirations from Traditional Chinese Aesthetics / Ye Lang ; The Theoretical Significance of Painting as Performance / Gao Jianping ; A Study in the Onto-Aesthetics of Beauty and Art: Fullness (chongshi) and Emptiness (kongling) as Two Polarities in Chinese Aesthetics / Cheng Chung-ying ; On the Modernisation of Chinese Aesthetics / Peng Feng ; Reflections on Avant-garde Theory in a Chinese-Western Cross-cultural Context -- or an Amateur Attempt in Metatheory / Karl-Heinz Pohl. -- Part IV: Indian Aesthetics. Introduction to Indian Aesthetics / Grazia Marchianò ; What is Meant by "Art" in India -- Western Misunderstandings / Chantal Maillard ; Ownerless Emotions in Rasa-Aesthetics / Arindam Chakrabarti ; On the Western Reception of Indian Aesthetics -- the Grounds of Difference / Robert Wilkinson ; Transcultural Aesthetics: Schopenhauer and Tagore / R. Raj Singh. -- Part V: Southeast Asian Aesthetics. Introduction to the Aesthetics of Southeast Asia / David Chou-Shulin ; Traditional Thai Buddhist Art and Modern Challenges / Suwanna Satha-Anand ; Poetry, Identity, and Social Modernisation / Lin Sheng-Bin ; Southeast Asia: Modern, Postmodern, or Premodern? / David Chou-Shulin.
*520  $a"While the artistic traditions of the various countries of East, Southeast and South Asia display distinctive aesthetic features, this volume examines the qualities of each area, and seeks commonalities that define the aesthetics of a broader Asian civilisation. Contributors include specialists in philosophy, literature, art history, religion and the comparative study of cultures. Some of them are writing from within their own cultural traditions while others approach their subjects as outside observers. The book is divided into five sections, dealing with Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian and Southeast Asian aesthetics. Individual chapters provide in-depth investigations of specific traditions, embracing both classical as well as modern aesthetic forms. The authors suggest that Japanese culture is characterised by an openness to diverse cultural influences, Korean culture by "peninsularity", Chinese culture by parallels with the West, Indian culture by "rasa" (a kind of "cosmic" feeling that is distinct from the one who feels), and Southeast Asian culture by dilemmas of modernisation. The volume as a whole integrates these studies, clarifying essential elements of each aesthetic culture and drawing on this material to characterise an Asian civilization that transcends individual countries and cultures."--Publisher's website.
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*650 7$aEstetik$zAsien$2sao
*650 7$aEstetik$zJapan$2sao
*650 7$aEstetik$zKorea$2sao
*650 7$aEstetik$zKina$2sao
*650 7$aEstetik$zIndien$2sao
*650 0$aAesthetics, Oriental.
*650 0$aArt$zAsia$xPhilosophy.
*650 0$aAesthetics, Japanese.
*650 0$aAesthetics, Korean.
*650 0$aAesthetics, Chinese.
*650 0$aAesthetics, Indic.
*651 0$aAsia$xCivilization.
*7001 $aSasaki, Ken'ichi,$d1943-$4edt
*841  $5Ko$ax  a$b1311214u    8   1001uu   0901128$e4
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