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Digital culture
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  • Digital culture
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Reaktion, London : 2008
  • 2008
  • Språk: Engelska.
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Edition Statement
  • Expanded 2. ed.
Physical Description
  • 248 s. : ill.
General Note
  • Previous ed.: 2002.
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  • 978-1-86189-388-8 (hft.)
  • 1-86189-388-4 (hft.)
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*00001278nam a22003977a 4500
*008080422s2008    xxk||||       00| 0|eng c
*015  $aGBA869392$2bnb
*0167 $a014622187$2Uk
*020  $a978-1-86189-388-8 (hft.)
*020  $a1-86189-388-4 (hft.)
*035  $a(SE-LIBR)11215358
*035  $a(Ko)43052
*050 4$aHM851$b.G47 2008
*084  $aBv$2kssb/8
*1001 $aGere, Charlie
*24510$aDigital culture /$cCharlie Gere
*250  $aExpanded 2. ed.
*260  $aLondon :$bReaktion,$c2008
*300  $a248 s. :$bill.
*500  $aPrevious ed.: 2002.
*650 7$aInformationsteknik$xsociala aspekter$2sao
*650 7$aInformationssamhället$2sao
*650 0$aDigital electronics$xSocial aspects.
*650 0$aComputers and civilization.
*650 0$aInformation society
*841  $5Ko$ax  a$b131025||0000|||||001||||||000000$e1
*852  $5Ko$bKo$hBv
*950  $aKunskapssamhället$uInformationssamhället
*950  $aNätverkssamhället$uInformationssamhället
*950  $aSamhället$wg$uInformationssamhället
*950  $aDigitala klyftan$wh$uInformationssamhället
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From our bank accounts to supermarket checkouts to the movies we watch, strings of ones and zeroes suffuse our world. Digital technology has defined modern society in numerous ways, and the vibrant digital culture that has now resulted is the subject of Charlie Gere's engaging volume.

In this revised and expanded second edition, taking account of new developments such as Facebook and the iPhone, Charlie Gere charts in detail the history of digital culture, as marked by responses to digital technology in art, music, design, film, literature and other areas. After tracing the historical development of digital culture, Gere argues that it is actually neither radically new nor technologically driven: digital culture has its roots in the eighteenth century and the digital mediascape we swim in today was originally inspired by informational needs arising from industrial capitalism, contemporary warfare and counter-cultural experimentation, among other social changes.

A timely and cutting-edge investigation of our contemporary social infrastructures, Digital Culture is essential reading for all those concerned about the ever-changing future of our Digital Age. "This is an excellent book. It gives an almost complete overview of the main trends and view of what is generally called digital culture through the whole post-war period, as well as a thorough exposition of the history of the computer and its predecessors and the origins of the modern division of labor."-- Journal of Visual Culture

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