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  • Projectiles
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  • AA Publications, London : c2011.
  • 2011
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • 6
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  • Cover title.
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  • Translated from the French.
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  • 978-1-902902-88-3
  • 1-902902-88-2
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*00001261nam a2200385 a 4500
*008100528s2011    enka   f b    000 0 eng c
*020  $a978-1-902902-88-3
*020  $a1-902902-88-2
*035  $a(SE-LIBR)13433671
*035  $a(Ko)42070
*040  $aStDuBDS$cStDuBDS$dUK-RwCLS
*0411 $aeng$hfre
*050 4$aNA2500$b.C33 2011
*084  $a720.1 CAC
*084  $aIc:d$2kssb/8
*1001 $aCache, Bernard
*24510$aProjectiles /$cBernard Cache ; [introduction by Mario Carpo ; translations by Clare Barrett and Pamela Johnston]
*260  $aLondon :$bAA Publications,$cc2011.
*440  $aArchitecture words ;$v6
*500  $aCover title.
*546  $aTranslated from the French.
*60010$aCache, Bernard.$xTranslations into English.
*650 0$aArchitecture$xPhilosophy.
*650 7$aArkitekturteori$2sao
*650 0$aArchitecture$xPhilosophy
*7001 $aBarrett, Clare.$etr.
*7001 $aJohnston, Pamela$etr.
*7102 $aArchitectural Association (Great Britain).
*830 0$aArchitecture words ;$v6.
*841  $5Ko$ax  a$b130201||    |||||001||||||000000$e1
*852  $5Ko$bKo$hARKITEKTUR - Ic:d
*950  $aArkitektur$xteori$uArkitekturteori
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Bernard Cache formulated his concept of 'non-standard architecture' in his 1995 book Earth Moves: The Furnishing of Territories, a concept that was given the name 'objectile' by Gilles Deleuze in his book on the philosopher Leibniz, The Fold. This collection of ten essays brings together a number of key texts by Cache. These include his 1999 'Plea for Euclid' and more recent writing commissioned especially for this collection, including 'Vitruvius Machinator Terminator'.

Translated by Pamela Johnston and Clare Barrett, with an introduction by Mario Carpo

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 On loan03.04.2023Konstfacks bibliotek ARKITEKTUR - Ic:d