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1950s fashion print
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Title Statement
  • 1950s fashion print
Varying Form of Title
  • Nineteen fifties fashion print
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Batsford , London : 2010
  • 2010
  • Språk: Engelska.
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Physical Description
  • 186 p. : col. ill. : 23 cm.
Bibliography, etc. Note
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Subject - Topical Term
  • 1-906388-88-1 (hbk.)
  • 1-906388-88-1
  • 978-1-906388-88-1 (hbk.)
  • 978-1-906388-88-1
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*00000922nam a22003377a 4500
*008110824s2010    enka   |      001 0 eng|d
*020  $a1-906388-88-1 (hbk.)
*020  $a1-906388-88-1
*020  $a978-1-906388-88-1 (hbk.)
*020  $a978-1-906388-88-1
*035  $a(Ko)33546
*084  $aIhcc
*084  $aIhk
*1001 $aFogg, Marnie
*24510$a1950s fashion print  /$cMarnie Fogg
*2461 $aNineteen fifties fashion print
*260  $aLondon  :$bBatsford ,$c2010
*300  $a186 p.  :$bcol. ill.  :$c23 cm.
*504  $aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
*650 4$aTextile printing.
*650 4$aFashion design.
*650 4$aTextiltryck
*650 4$a1950-talet
*650 4$aModedesign
*650 4$a1950-talet
*8520 $hTEXTIL -  Ihcc
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Hundreds of prints from this key decade of fashion design A unique sourcebook for contemporary designers and students Includes prints by Lucienne Day, Robert Stewart and Marimekko Contains exclusive illustrations and original artwork of print designers

A sourcebook of 1950s fashion print, this book covers the heyday of postwar design where an analytical approach to design, with a lightness and freshness, combined with whimsical imagery and idiosyncratic subject matter. The designs and influences of the print gurus of the time - Lucienne Day, Robert Stewart and Maija Isola of Marimekko - are all covered.

The creativity of the period - the beginning of the atomic age - is given full expression in this sourcebook of hundreds of designs. It is an essential sourcebook for contemporary design practitioners and students. The book contains exclusive illustrations and original artwork from designers as well as finished prints. Each short chapter introduction is followed by a range of illustrations with captions to give provenance and relevance. The prints are arranged in the following chapters:

* Narrative and Novelty: prints from cowboys to spacemen
* Abstraction: abstracted, distorted and attenuated forms used in print
* Artistic license: the influence of artists such as Miro and de Kooning on fashion print
* Kinetic prints that showed the influence of the era's 'mobiles, doodles and spasms'

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