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All my friends are dead
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Title Statement
  • All my friends are dead
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Chronicle GBS [distributor] , San Francisco, Calif. ; Grantham ; 2010 : 2010
  • 2010
  • Språk: Engelska.
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Physical Description
  • [Ca. 100] s. : huvudsakligen ill.
Subject - Topical Term
  • 978-0-8118-7455-7 (hbk.)
  • 978-0-8118-7455-7
  • 0-8118-7455-9 (hbk.)
  • 0-8118-7455-9
  • 0 (0)
*00001039nam a22003377a 4500
*008110824s2010    xxua   |      000 0 eng||
*020  $a978-0-8118-7455-7 (hbk.)
*020  $a978-0-8118-7455-7
*020  $a0-8118-7455-9 (hbk.)
*020  $a0-8118-7455-9
*035  $a(Ko)32994
*084  $aHeq.05
*1001 $aMonsen, Avery
*24510$aAll my friends are dead  /$cby Avery Monsen and Jory John
*260  $aSan Francisco, Calif. ;$aGrantham ;$a2010 :$bChronicle$bGBS [distributor] ,$c2010
*300  $a[Ca. 100] s.  :$bhuvudsakligen ill.
*650 4$aDeath
*650 4$aHumor.
*650 4$aAmerican wit and humor
*650 4$a21st century.
*650 4$aAmerican wit and humor, Pictorial.
*697  $cSkönlitteratur: amerikansk: tecknade serier
*7001 $aJohn, Jory$4aut
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All My Friends Are Dead is both the saddest funny book and the funniest sad book you'll ever read.

This witty and captivating tale offers a delightful primer for laughing at the inevitable: If you're a dinosaur, all your friends are dead. If you're a pirate, all your friends have scurvy. If you're a tree, all your friends are end tables. Showcasing the downside of being everything from a clown to a cassette tape to a zombie, each page of this illustrated humor book is laugh-out-loud funny.

Simple yet effective comic-style imagery and short, hilarious quips come together to create an amusing adventure through a range of unique grievances and wide-eyed dilemmas, from the sock whose only friends have gone missing to the houseplant whose friends are being slowly killed by irresponsible plant owners (like you). Cute and dark all at once, this children's book for adults presents endlessly entertaining stories about life and existential predicaments.

TALENTED TEAM: National bestseller All My Friends Are Dead and companion volume All My Friends Are Still Dead are written by Avery Monsen, an actor, artist, and writer and Jory John, a writer, editor, and journalist. They are friends, and neither is dead. Yet.

READERS LOVE IT: With hundreds of five-star ratings, reviewers can't get enough of this book. One calls it "gloriously dark," and another says that "guests are drawn to it like a magnet."

EDITORIAL RAVES: This uproarious book has garnered praise from several media outlets, including The Huffington Post : "Laugh out loud funny, and a tiny bit disturbing. In other words, perfect." and Paste magazine: "Finds humor in mortality."

Perfect for: Fans of darkly comic or slightly inappropriate books Gift givers shopping for a fun birthday or retirement gift Anyone looking for a unique coffee table book or conversation starter Readers of Jory John's #1 New York Times bestselling books The Good Egg , The Sour Grape , and other titles in The Bad Seed series

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