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Art now. a cutting-edge selection of today's most exciting artists / vol. 3 :
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  • KONST - Ib.58
Title Statement
  • Art now. a cutting-edge selection of today's most exciting artists / vol. 3 :
Varying Form of Title
  • a cutting-edge selection of today's most exciting artists
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Taschen, Köln ; 2008 : cop. 2008
  • 2008
  • Språk: Engelska.
SAB Classification Code
Physical Description
  • 591, [1] s. : färgill.
Language Note
  • Parallelltext på engelska, tyska och franska.
Subject - Personal Name
Subject - Topical Term
  • 978-3-8365-0511-6
  • 0 (0)
*00005840nam a22022577a 4500
*008110824s2008    gw a||||      000 0 eng c
*020  $a978-3-8365-0511-6
*035  $a(Ko)31096
*040  $dKo
*0410 $aeng$ager$afre
*084  $aIb.59
*24510$aArt now.$nvol. 3 :$ba cutting-edge selection of today's most exciting artists  /$cedited by Hans Werner Holzwarth ; [texts: Cecilia Alemani ...  ; transl. by Pauline Cumbers ...]
*24611$aa cutting-edge selection of today's most exciting artists
*260  $aKöln ;$a2008 :$bTaschen,$ccop. 2008
*300  $a591, [1] s.  :$bfärgill.
*546  $aParallelltext på engelska, tyska och franska.
*60014$aJacir, Emily
*60014$aKelley, Mike
*60014$aKoh, Terence
*60014$aKoons, Jeff,$d1955-
*60014$aDr. Lakra
*60014$aLamsfuss, Ulrich
*60014$aWon Ju Lim
*60014$aLutter, Vera
*60014$aMcCarthy, Paul,$d1945-
*60014$aMeckseper, Josephine
*60014$aMeese, Jonathan,$d1971-
*60014$aMilhazes, Beatriz
*60014$aMorris, Sarah,$d1967-
*60014$aMueck, Ron
*60014$aMurakami, Takashi
*60014$aMutu, Wangechi
*60014$aNeto, Ernesto
*60014$aNitsche, Frank
*60014$aNoble, Tim
*60014$aWebster, Sue
*60014$aOehlen, Albert
*60014$aOfili, Chris
*60014$aOlowska, Paulina
*60014$aOrozco, Gabriel,$d1962-
*60014$aPardo, Jorge,$d1963-
*60014$aPernice, Manfred
*60014$aPettibon, Raymond,$d1957-
*60014$aPeyton, Elizabeth,$d1965-
*60014$aPhilips, Richard
*60014$aPrince, Richard,$d1949-
*60014$aRausch, Neo
*60014$aRehberger, Tobias
*60014$aReyle, Anselm
*60014$aRichter, Daniel
*60014$aRuff, Thomas,$d1958-
*60014$aSala, Anri,$d1974-
*60014$aSasnal, Wilhelm
*60014$aSchaufler, Matthias
*60014$aScheibitz, Thomas,$d1968-
*60014$aSchneider, Gregor,$d1969-
*60014$aShaw, Raqib
*60014$aSherman, Cindy,$d1954-
*60014$aSierra, Santiago,$d1966-
*60014$aSnow, Dash
*60014$aStingel, Rudolf
*60014$aStruth, Thomas,$d1954-
*60014$aThomas, Mickalene
*60014$aTillmans, Wolfgang,$d1968-
*60014$aTiravanija, Rirkrit
*60014$aTobias, Gert
*60014$aTobias, Uwe
*60014$aTomaselli, Fred
*60014$aTschäpe, Janaina
*60014$aTuymans, Luc,$d1958-
*60014$aAckermann, Franz
*60014$aUklanski, Piotr
*60014$aVezzoli, Francesco
*60014$aWalker, Kara Elizabeth,$d1969-
*60014$aWall, Jeff,$d1946-
*60014$aWarren, Rebecca
*60014$aWeber, Marnie
*60014$aWest, Franz,$d1947-
*60014$aWhite, Pae
*60014$aAbts, Tomma
*60014$aWiley, Kehinde
*60014$aWood, Jonas
*60014$aWool, Christopher,$d1955-
*60014$aWurm, Erwin,$d1954-
*60014$aXu Zhen
*60014$aYang Fudong
*60014$aZiegler, Toby
*60014$aZipp, Thomas
*60014$aWeiwei, Ai,$d1957-
*60014$aAitken, Doug,$d1968-
*60014$aAkakçe, Haluk
*60014$aAllora, Jennifer
*60014$aCalzadilla, Guillermo
*60014$aAlmond, Darren
*60014$aAlthamer, Pawel,$d1967-
*60014$aAltmejd, David
*60014$aAtherton, Hope
*60014$aBarney, Matthew,$d1967-
*60014$aBerresheim, Tim
*60014$aBonin, Cosima von
*60014$aBonvicini, Monica,$d1965-
*60014$aBrown, Cecily
*60014$aBrown, Glenn
*60014$aButzer, André
*60014$aCai, Guo-Qiang,$d1957-
*60014$aCattelan, Maurizio,$d1960-
*60014$aCollishaw, Mat
*60014$aCondo, George,$d1957-
*60014$aCreed, Martin
*60014$aCurrin, John,$d1962-
*60014$aCurry, Aaron
*60014$aDavid, Enrico
*60014$aDean, Tacita,$d1965-
*60014$aDemand, Thomas,$d1964-
*60014$aDijkstra, Rineke,$d1959-
*60014$aDjurberg, Nathalie,$d1978-
*60014$aDoig, Peter,$d1959-
*60014$aDumas, Marlene,$d1953-
*60014$aDzama, Marcel,$d1974-
*60014$aEder, Martin,$d1968-
*60014$aOlafur Eliasson,$d1967-
*60014$aElmgreen, Michael,$d1961-
*60014$aDragset, Ingar,$d1969-
*60014$aEmin, Tracey,$d1963-
*60014$aFischer, Urs
*60014$aFörg, Günther
*60014$aFord, Walton,$d1960-
*60014$aFriedman, Tom
*60014$aGallagher, Ellen
*60014$aGenzken, Isa,$d1948-
*60014$aGispert, Luis
*60014$aGober, Robert,$d1954-
*60014$aGordon, Douglas,$d1966-
*60014$aGrotjahn, Mark
*60014$aGupta, Subodh
*60014$aGursky, Andreas,$d1955-
*60014$aGuyton, Wade
*60014$aGuzmán, Daniel
*60014$aHarrison, Rachel
*60014$aHatoum, Mona,$d1952-
*60014$aHavekost, Eberhard
*60014$aHawkins, Richard
*60014$aHernández, Jonathan
*60014$aHerrera, Arturo
*60014$aHeyl, Charline von
*60014$aHirschhorn, Thomas,$d1957-
*60014$aHirst, Damien,$d1965-
*60014$aHofer, Andreas
*60014$aHouseago, Thomas
*60014$aHuang Yong Ping
*60014$aHuyghe, Pierre,$d1962-
*650 4$aKonstnärer
*650 4$a1990-talet
*650 4$a2000-talet
*697  $cKonsthistoria: 1990-
*7001 $aHolzwarth, Hans Werner$4edt
*7001 $aAlemani, Cecilia$4aut
*8520 $hKONST -  Ib.58
*900  $aCai Guo Quiang
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Want a head start on the things you'll be seeing in art institutions a decade down the road? It's all in here, the very latest of the very best'and so fresh you can feel its pulse. A to Z magazine-style entries include short biographies, exhibition history and bibliographical information, and images of important recent work. The illustrated appendix features names and contact information for the galleries representing the artists featured as well as primary market prices and examples of auction results. Think of this tome as a global go-round of the world's most influential galleries: a truly invaluable, invigorating, and intense experience.

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