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Fashion speak : [interviews with the world's leading fashion designers]
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  • Fashion speak : [interviews with the world's leading fashion designers]
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Random House Australia , North Sydney, N.S.W. ; 2008 : 2008
  • 2008
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • 281 p. : col. ill. : 21 cm.
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  • 978-1-74166-499-7 (pbk.)
  • 978-1-74166-499-7
  • 1-74166-499-3 (pbk.)
  • 1-74166-499-3
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*00001853nam a22006377a 4500
*008110824s2008    at a   |      000 0deng c
*020  $a978-1-74166-499-7 (pbk.)
*020  $a978-1-74166-499-7
*020  $a1-74166-499-3 (pbk.)
*020  $a1-74166-499-3
*035  $a(Ko)31071
*040  $dAU@$dAU@$dKo
*084  $aIhk
*1001 $aMeagher, David,$d1966-
*24510$aFashion speak :$b[interviews with the world's leading fashion designers]  /$cDavid Meagher
*260  $aNorth Sydney, N.S.W. ;$a2008 :$bRandom House Australia ,$c2008
*300  $a281 p.  :$bcol. ill.  :$c21 cm.
*60014$aJacobs, Marc
*60014$aBailey, Christopher$gBurberry
*60014$aMoon, Sunjoo
*60014$aCapasa, Ennio$gCostume International
*60014$aGoot, Josh
*60014$aLippes, Ada
*60014$aTreacy, Philip
*60014$aWalker, Karen
*60014$aBoateng, Oswald
*60014$aIsogawa, Akira
*60014$aFindlay, Elisabeth$gZambesi
*60014$aFindlay, Neville$gZambesi
*60014$aColovos, Nicole$gHelmut Lang
*60014$aColovos, Michael$gHelmut Lang
*60014$aGrant, Martin
*60014$aSlimane, Hedi
*650 4$aFashion designers.
*650 4$aFashion designers
*650 4$aInterviews.
*650 4$aFashion designers
*650 4$aBiography.
*650 4$aFashion merchandising.
*650 4$aFashion designers
*650 4$aModedesigner
*650 4$aintervjuer
*697  $cDräkthistoria
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The world of fashion is both highly artistic and highly challenging, with top designers balancing delicately between the cutting edge of creativity and the necessity of running a viable business. In this enthralling collection of interviews, David Meagher talks to top designers the world over, the people whose vision shapes the contemporary and future fashion. The designers--among them Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker, Martin Grant, Christopher Bailey of Burberry, and John Goot--talk about where they've come from, where they're headed, and their philosophy of design. Gorgeously illustrated throughout with full-color photographs from the catwalks of London, Paris, Milan, and New York, this is a fascinating insight into the minds shaping fashion today.

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