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True north
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  • FOTOGRAFI - Inbvz Naturen
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  • True north
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  • Guggenheim Museum Thames & Hudson [distributor] , New York ; London ; 2008 : 2008
  • 2008
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • 84 s.
General Note
  • Published on the occasion of the exhibition True North, Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, February 2-April 13, 2008
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  • 978-0-89207-370-2 (hbk.)
  • 978-0-89207-370-2
  • 0-89207-370-5 (hbk.)
  • 0-89207-370-5
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*00001930nam a22006137a 4500
*008110824s2008    nyua   |      00| 0 eng c
*020  $a978-0-89207-370-2 (hbk.)
*020  $a978-0-89207-370-2
*020  $a0-89207-370-5 (hbk.)
*020  $a0-89207-370-5
*035  $a(Ko)30605
*084  $aIn
*084  $aIbh
*084  $aIbvz Landskap
*1001 $aBlessing, Jennifer
*24510$aTrue north  /$cJennifer Blessing
*260  $aNew York ;$aLondon ;$a2008 :$bGuggenheim Museum$bThames & Hudson [distributor] ,$c2008
*300  $a84 s.
*500  $aPublished on the occasion of the exhibition True North, Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, February 2-April 13, 2008
*650 4$aLandskap i konsten
*650 4$aLandskapsfotografi
*650 4$aLandscape in art
*650 4$aExhibitions.
*650 4$aRomanticism in art
*650 4$aExhibitions.
*650 4$aLandscape photography
*650 4$aExhibitions.
*650 4$aSculpture, Modern
*650 4$aExhibitions.
*650 4$a20th century
*650 4$aSculpture, Modern
*650 4$aExhibitions.
*650 4$a21st century
*650 4$aLandscape in art
*650 4$aLandscape photography
*697  $cKonst, musik, teater och film
*697  $cOtraditionella konstformer
*7101 $aSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
*8520 $hFOTOGRAFI -  Inbvz Naturen
*910  $aGuggenheim-museet$uSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum
*910  $aGuggenheim Museum of Art$uSolomon R. Guggenheim Museum
*950  $aFotografi
*950  $aLandskapsfotografi
*950  $aLandskap
*950  $aLandskap i konsten$xmotiv i konsten
*950  $aLandskapsfotografering
*950  $aLandskapsfotografi
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True North features the work of contemporary artists whose photographic or video-based work evokes the formal conventions of Northern Romantic landscape painting as well as its legacy in later nineteenth-century photography. Yet unlike their Romantic antecedents, the works in this exhibition are historically and politically self-reflexive and problematize the notion of a pure, unchangeable North. Rather than report a uniquely Northern essence or truth, this presentation is premised on the idea that our visions of the North are structured through our own varying positions. A fantastical place of fear, desire, refuge, conquest and decay, the North has played an increasingly important role in the work of contemporary artists interested in the socio-political issues of colonization and pollution, as well as aesthetic notions of the sublime. Accompanying a spring 2008 exhibition at Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin, this catalogue includes entries on the featured artists: Stan Douglas, Olafur Eliasson, Elger Esser, Thomas Flechtner, Roni Horn, Armin Linke and Orit Raff. In the introduction, Jennifer Blessing, Curator of Photography at the Guggenheim Museum, sketches a theoretical framework for the exhibition, linking the recent focus on Northern locales to the qualities of the photographic medium itself. Rebecca Solnit's poetic essay gathers together personal recollections, reflections on literature and environmental and political concerns to explore various cultural fantasies and symbols associated with the North.

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