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Design side by side
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  • Människonära design. . änniskonära design. Engelska
Title Statement
  • Design side by side
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Studentlitteratur , Lund : 2006
  • 2006
  • Språk: Engelska.
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Physical Description
  • 204 s. : ill. : 23 cm
Subject - Topical Term
Electronic Location and Access
  • http://www.studentl itteratur.se/omslagsbild/artnr/32637-01/height/320/width/320/bild.jpg Omslagsbild
  • 91-44-01936-X
  • 91-44-01936-X
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*00001105nam a2200337 a 4500
*008110824s2006    sw |||||     |00| 0 eng||
*020  $a91-44-01936-X
*020  $a91-44-01936-X
*035  $a(Ko)27044
*0410 $aeng$hswe
*084  $aOhfh
*084  $aP
*130  $aMänniskonära design. .$lEngelska$wänniskonära design.
*24510$aDesign side by side  /$cedited by Bodil Jönsson ; translated by Eileen Deaner ; [contributing authors: Peter Anderberg ...]
*260  $aLund  :$bStudentlitteratur ,$c2006
*300  $a204 s.  :$bill.  :$c23 cm
*650 4$aPersoner med funktionshinder
*650 4$aTeknik
*650 4$aDesign
*650 4$aHandikappanpassning
*650 4$aHandikapphjälpmedel
*7001 $aJönsson, Bodil,$d1942-$4edt
*7001 $aAnderberg, Peter ,$d1963-$4aut
*7001 $aDeaner, Eileen$4trl
*8520 $hOh
*8564 $uhttp://www.studentl itteratur.se/omslagsbild/artnr/32637-01/height/320/width/320/bild.jpg$yOmslagsbild
*900  $aJensone, Bodila
*900  $a1942-
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This book is for those who care about design and technology and how they affect people's lives. The authors emphasise that design is not just surface and shape, but also involves construction, function, use and satisfaction. Design is basically nothing other that thoughts realised, and these influence everyday life for us all. The ten experienced-based narratives in the first part of the book can be read independently of the second theory and method section. They can be an inspiration for engagement and action. The theory and method portion can also be read on its own for those interested in that perspective. But the two together have a synergetic effect, because when knowledge of underlying theories and methods is related to the reality we live in, entirely new and different kinds of dialogues can arise between the people for whom the design is intended and the professionals involved. This book can be used in educational programmes in health care sciences, education and social services, in design and technology courses, as well as for continuing education in the social sector.

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