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Revolt, she said
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  • Dbz Kristeva, Julia
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  • Revolt, she said
Uniform Title
  • Contre la dépression nationale
Publication, Distribution, etc. (Imprint)
  • Semiotext(e) , Los Angeles, Calif. : 2002
  • 2002
  • Språk: Engelska.
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  • 139 s.
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  • 1-58435-015-6
  • 1-58435-015-6
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*00000935nam a22003137  45
*008110824s2002           e     |00  ||eng||
*020  $a1-58435-015-6
*020  $a1-58435-015-6
*035  $a(Ko)17730
*040  $dG
*0410 $aeng$hfre
*084  $aDocb
*084  $aDbz Kristeva, Julia
*084  $aOcg-j
*1001 $aKristeva, Julia,$d1941-
*240 0$aContre la dépression nationale
*24510$aRevolt, she said  /$cJulia Kristeva ; an interview by Philippe Petit ; translated by Brian O'Keeffe ; edited by Sylvère Lotringer
*260  $aLos Angeles, Calif.  :$bSemiotext(e) ,$c2002
*300  $a139 s.
*440  $aSemiotext(e) native agents serie
*650 4$aRevolutionsteori
*650 4$aPsykoanalys
*7001 $aPetit, Philippe$4aut
*7001 $aLotringer, Sylvère$4edt
*8520 $cDbz Kristeva, Julia
*900  $aJoyaux, Julia
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Julia Kristeva extends the definition of revolt beyond politics per se. May '68 in France expressed a fundamental version of freedom- not freedom to succeed, but freedom to revolt. Political revolutions ultimately betray revolt because they cease to question themselves. Revolt, as I understand it-psychic revolt, analytic revolt, artistic revolt-refers to a permanent state of questioning, of transformations, an endless probing of appearances. In this book, Julia Kristeva extends the definition of revolt beyond politics per se. Kristeva sees revolt as a state of permanent questioning and transformation, of change that characterizes psychic life and, in the best cases, art. For her, revolt is not simply about rejection and destruction-it is a necessary process of renewal and regeneration.

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