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Whitney Biennial : 2000 biennial exhibition
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  • Whitney Biennial : 2000 biennial exhibition
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  • Whitney Museum of American Art , New York : 2000
  • 2000
  • Språk: Svenska.
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  • 272 s. : ill. (vissa i färg)
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  • 2000
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*00004086nam a22015617  45
*008110824s2000           |     |||  0|swe||
*020  $a0-8109-6829-0
*020  $a0-8109-6829-0
*035  $a(Ko)12355
*084  $aIb.59
*1112 $aWhitney Biennial$cNew York$d2000
*24510$aWhitney Biennial :$b2000 biennial exhibition  /$cMaxwell L. Anderson...
*260  $aNew York  :$bWhitney Museum of American Art ,$c2000
*300  $a272 s.  :$bill. (vissa i färg)
*440  $aBiennial exhibition - Whitney Museum of American Art (1973)  ;$v2000
*60014$aSimon, John F. ,$dJr.
*60014$aSouza, Al
*60014$aSteinke, Darcey
*60014$aSubrin, Elisabeth
*60014$aSullivan, Chris
*60014$aSze, Sarah
*60014$aTran, T. Kim-Trang
*60014$aTuttle, Richard,$d1941-
*60014$aU'Dongo, Ayanna
*60014$aVerene, Chris
*60014$aWeintraub, Annette
*60014$aWelbon, Yvonne
*60014$aWodiczko, Krzysztof,$d1943-
*60014$aYanagi, Yukinori,$d1959-
*60014$aYuskavage, Lisa,$d1962-
*60014$aAitken, Doug,$d1968-
*60014$aAdams, Dennis
*60014$aBeecroft, Vanessa,$d1969-
*60014$aAmer, Ghada
*60014$aAmerika, Mark
*60014$aBacher, Lutz
*60014$aBaldwin, Craig
*60014$aBaldwin, Lew
*60014$aBanerjee, Rina
*60014$aBaron, Rebecca
*60014$aCoplans, John,$d1920-2003
*60014$aBelgum, Rolf
*60014$aBenjamin, Ben
*60014$aBenning, Sadie
*60014$aBernat, Robin
*60014$aBesemer, Linda
*60014$aBey, Dawoud
*60014$aBooker, Chakaia
*60014$aBurns, M.W.
*60014$aCai, Guo-Qiang,$d1957-
*60014$aCalame, Ingrid
*60014$aCamnitzer, Luis
*60014$aCohen, Jem
*60014$aCoyne, Petah
*60014$aCurrin, John,$d1962-
*60014$aDay, E.V.
*60014$aDe Lottie, William
*60014$ade Salvo, Roman
*60014$aDial, Thornton
*60014$aDingle, Kim
*60014$aDiscenza, Anthony
*60014$aHaacke, Hans,$d1936-
*60014$aDonovan, Tara
*60014$aDorsky, Nathaniel
*60014$aDrake, James
*60014$aDuncan, Theresa
*60014$aBlake, Jeremy
*60014$aErlich, Leandro
*60014$aFischer, Vernon
*60014$aFrecon, Susan
*60014$aFridge, Brian
*60014$aFriedman, Dara
*60014$aGibbons, Joe
*60014$aGober, Robert,$d1954-
*60014$aGodmilow, Jill
*60014$aGoldberg, Ken
*60014$aGriffin, Kojo
*60014$aGrigely, Joseph
*60014$aHancock, Trenton Doyle,$d1974-
*60014$aHavel, Joseph
*60014$aHuerta, Salomón
*60014$aJafa, Arthur
*60014$aJoo, Michael
*60014$aKauper, Kurt
*60014$aKolbowski, Silvia
*60014$aKorine, Harmony,$d1973-
*60014$aLawler, Louise
*60014$aLeitman, Ruth
*60014$aLemieux, Annette
*60014$aLeVeque, Les
*60014$aLockhart, Sharon
*60014$aMakepeace, Anne
*60014$aManglano-Ovalle, Iñigo
*60014$aMarioni, Joseph
*60014$aMcElheny, Josiah
*60014$aMondini-Ruiz, Franco
*60014$aMorris, Errol
*60014$aMorrison, Mandy
*60014$aMuniz, Vik,$d1961-
*60014$aNeshat, Shirin,$d1957-
*60014$aNicosia, Nic
*60014$aPfeiffer, Paul,$d1966-
*60014$aPope, Carl
*60014$aPope, Karen
*60014$aRa'ad, Walid
*60014$aRamírez ERRE, Marcos
*60014$aReeder, Jennifer
*60014$aReid, Laurie
*60014$aRosen, Kay
*60014$aRovner, Michal
*60014$aSherwood, Katherine
*653  $a1990-
*653  $aKonst
*653  $aWhitney-biennalen
*7001 $aAuping, Michael$4aut
*7001 $aAnderson, Maxwell L.$4aut
*8520 $hMAGASIN -  Ib
*900  $aCai Guo Quiang
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Since 1932, the Whitney Museum's Biennial Exhibitions have counted among the milestones in the history of American art and have played a leading role in presenting vanguard developments in art to the general public. Countless prominent artists have made their museum debut at these diverse surveys of painting, sculpture, works on paper, film and video, performance, and installation.

For the eagerly awaited first Biennial of the new millennium, the Whitney has assembled a versatile team of curators from around the nation to select and invite the participating artists. Once again, the Whitney will help to establish a critical perspective on the latest creative achievements by American artists.

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